Your Three Things – Creating Direction & Focus in Busy Times


TranslatorI am very blessed to have some very senior people in my organisation mentor me. One of them is one of my company’s top executives globally, when I asked him recently what he is working on he said: “ Richard, I try to only focus on three things at once – my three things are….” […]


Forlorn Hope

Forlorn hope

TranslatorI am reading this series about the British fighting Napoleon in Spain and Portugal during the 1800’s. What makes it more interesting is that one of my ancestors was there as a Senior Officer on the British side. One of the fascinating elements of this war that has been playing on my mind is that […]


Your Sponsors – What got you to here, won’t get you there

ascending corporate ladder

TranslatorIn the corporate world, when considering career progression, there is an element where merit and performance alone will only get you so far. You see for you to ascend to more senior levels you need to have what I call sponsors. These are senior internal people in the business that have influence and they back […]


No New Years Resolutions for 2012


TranslatorI can not recall a year where I have set new year’s resolutions and got to the end of that year and looked back and thought “wow, I really smashed those resolutions!”. Sure I have achieved one or two of those that I have set or I am ‘on the way’ with one or two. […]


The Power of reflection


TranslatorI don’t know how it started but I have been really into reflection within the corporate world context for about 10 years. What does reflection mean? I assume if I looked up Wikipedia it would say ‘to reflect upon something’. For me it is a constant process of stopping and thinking on where I have […]


You’re Busted (…Self Confidence)

busted chain

TranslatorI received an anxious Instant Message last week from a guy at work who sometimes seeks me out for advice. He wanted to go for a walk – I got the sense it was urgent so off I trundled. We get downstairs and start walking and this 49 year old man starts gushing how he […]


Why it’s totally OK to fail and why maybe it could be good for you


TranslatorWhat would you say if I said you may be subconsciously afraid of failure? I know I was and maybe still am, a little bit. I think we are innocently programmed by our parents, by school and by society at large to be all about avoiding failure and subsequently we fear it. Why wouldn’t we […]


Deciding to be Positive about work


TranslatorI was approached by David, one of the skill leaders within my company, on Friday whilst attending a leadership conference that my colleague, Tony, and I have been working on for 5 months to prepare and deliver. David was pumped, he said that he had been really inspired by the event and it had given […]


Back Tracking – Can I return to my old employer?


TranslatorYou’ve orchestrated a new role in a new company, it was exciting, there was a strong vision, there was a promise of more money and glory – it was going to be great. What happens if when you get there that it’s not great, what if the vision is empty and even the money isn’t […]


Action Stations: Planning Your 2012 Career Move


TranslatorMany of you, if you are like me, may be sitting there contemplating your next career move. What better time in the corporate world than the 1st January to start that new role, well maybe the 14th. What many people fail to realise is that if you are seeking an internal promotion or new role […]

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