The Power of Listening for work & home

In 2005 I put myself through around 12 months of counselling which was ultimately about how to listen better in order to be a better husband. I feel like I made profound change. I do, however, feel like I keep falling down in life in the field of listening. In particular with my wife, also […]

Being Intentional and persistent

It’s funny when you approach writing about a subject, you often aren’t sure how it is going to turn out. I was sitting on a plane and I wanted to write about being intentional. What do I mean by that? I meant acting with intent, having a plan, staying focused, being determined, not being set […]

Your End of Year Review

I was completing the End of Year Reviews for my team this week and I thought I would re-share with you a post I released in 2010 called ‘Acing your end of year review’. In reality, the way you approach these hasn’t changed – if anything, during hard times, it’s even more important to emphasise […]

Focus & Intensity or What will kill me next ?

Focus & Intensity or What will kill me next ? Yesterday I was reading an article somewhere on linkedin around focus and intensity being traits of highly successful people in business. This morning I was listening to an interview with accomplished astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield with a similar but unusual theme for astronauts on ‘what […]

Mr Frost’s Road Not Taken

For some bizare reason I was thinking about Robert Frost’s ‘Road Not Taken’  on the way to work the other day. I don’t know if you are a student of Mr Frost from school or University but if you are then you will appreciate and if you don’t know him then just enjoy or seek him […]

Friends at Work

Friends at Work Having been in management and having studied management for a long time you get to know a few things. In 2011 I was surrounded by ‘ positive psychology ‘, this was mainly due to the fact that my manager and my only peer were both completing their master’s degree in positive psychology […]

Small Things at Work

Small Things at Work My brother worked for a major telecommunications company for 17 years. When he heard they were offering redundancies he begged to be made redundant and he was – benefit being a great pay out which he plonked straight onto his mortgage. As he is a specialist in a technology field it […]

Is the grass greener on the other side ?

Many people leave their current employer and head to a new company with a view that the grass will be greener and sure they need to convince themselves and their concerned and curious peers at their present employer. Noone wants to be seen to be making a stupid career-limiting move or jump into a worse […]