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Who moved my job? Dealing with ambiguity

Ever started at a new company or moved into a new role and there wasn’t a neat ‘How to..guide’ for succeeding? Welcome to ambiguity! Many organisations and roles now exist in constantly changing and highly competitive environments where there is no guide. Ambiguity can be distressing and create anxiety, particularly if you like nice and clear Job Descriptions and paths to successful performance.

If you are facing ambiguity your fight or flight instincts may be telling you to ‘run away screaming’ before you do you need to understand  ‘this is our new corporate life’.  All of your previous experience can be brought to the foreground to help you assess and plan to succeed. Your mentors, coaches and peers can help you to shape and guide you. You can succeed and thrive in ambiguity.

  • Resist revolting and give yourself time to understand and survey your environment
  • Build your own plan for focus and be open to changing – try to simplify your focus and build an assessment so you can remain agile and pivot if you need to.
  • Check-in regularly with your manager and anyone you perceive as a coach. This can help you to maintain a sense that you are on track where no track may exist.
  • Have an opinion and be vocal when it makes sense ‘form an opinion’ on  your mission and what success and impact should look like, challenge the status quo and ask for what you need when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Keep going and celebrate successes, even small ones, so you can get a sense on progression and your shifting the needle.
  • Talk about it with mentors and peers what is frustrating you and use the discussion to shape your planning and execution – we all need to unload.

Unless you are working in a highly structured environment and role, and let’s face it those roles are disappearing, then you will need tools to manage ambiguity. Try to embrace it and work with it, it could be your defining moment. Good luck,




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