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Please Sir! May I have some more?


If you aren’t familiar with Oliver Twist this title may be lost on you but read on.

I love it when my team asks me for more work, I have often volunteered for more work myself. At one point during 2016 I held 4 roles for up to 6 months. No, I am not mad nor would I say I did those 4 roles brilliantly but I secretly enjoyed it all the same.

I have taken over a new team with a new mission at a new company. We at times feel like a start-up within an established business. This too is fun. As you know when you are ‘ramping up’ you can at times have spare capacity. These can be times of rest or times of growth. Rest can be useful if you are absorbing complex new products, processes and just stuff. There are times where you just want to keep going and grow.

So, one of my new team members rang me and said, ‘hey, I have capacity and I want to know what else I can do?’. They also sent me a list of ideas what that could be – awesome right? This facilitated an excellent conversation where we discussed:

  1. What is the over-arching mission of your role & team?
  2. Whilst we are ramping what are the activities that most align to that mission?
  3. How can we aggressively programmatically pursue these activities?
  4. How can we check in to ensure you are on track?


We put a plan in place which included identify 10 highly strategic but potentially under-loved customers, a social media plan, and a plan around solutions and partners we could work with the plan, as I am saying often is AGILE – we can see how it works and adjust accordingly.

I have written several times previously that we don’t always have perfectly formed work environments. It may be role clarity, our strategy or mission, or it may just be ‘time in role’. The important things are that if we wish to be impactful ‘we need to take the bull by the horns’ and build a plan closely aligned to what we thing the job is and then check-in for clarity.

As I have been saying to my new team, what can be better than talking to customers?. So, if you have some spare capacity, build a plan, socialise it, improve it and get out there and meet with your customers. Cheers,

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