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The impact of storytelling by Richard Scott

A movement that is occurring in the corporate world is storytelling. In order to demonstrate value and vision to potential customers the age old approach of showing ‘features & benefits’ by increasingly clever PowerPoint slides in nearly dead. Companies with increasingly similar products are struggling to differentiate themselves. Enter, Stage Left – The Storyteller.

Being a quasi-writer, blogger type I thought – hey this is cool, I can nail this – and I added it to my development plan for 2016. I then went and did some research on two good books on storytelling and promptly ordered them. Since then, with a few exceptions, I have failed.

Not only have I failed at work (…so far) but I have also failed at home. Being a parent is joyous and very hard with victories and losses every day. Considering myself incredibly clever I had outsourced storytelling to my children to ‘audio’ books. This allowed me to collapse on the sofa 20 minutes earlier each night and my three boys are sedated by some 3rd party droning on about some marginally appropriate topic or tale.

What my wife and I realised, after probably 6 months, was that this was just another form of stimulation that they have become dependent on. They claim they cannot go to sleep without an audio book.  What have we done!

Enter the storyteller.

I tried telling a story. The story needed to appeal to a 3, 5 and 7 year old. I created three characters Bottom, Kissy Face and Waxy Ears. They are spies who live in our street. They have little adventures. Last night they found a tap in someone’s yard that flowed Coca-Cola.  Now all my boys want is to hear stories about them. Sometimes I can’t think creatively so I tell them about Jack & The Beanstalk and Goldie Locks (my own hybrid versions). They are so excited each night, it only takes 15 mins, sometimes I am very tired but maybe my workplace will sanction my storytelling anyway. I should ask my kids to do my 360 degree feedback review at the end of the year.

Cheers, I would love to hear about your storytelling adventures!



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  1. Awesome blog. I just started my own blog about company culture and really the ups and downs of life. I was wondering if you might take the time to read a quick post and let me know any feedback or comments you have. Looking forward to reading more!

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