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At your service

There are times in our life where we consciously or subconsciously are looking for who can provide a service to us.  Others may hold the general view that ‘hey, you’re meant to serve me!’.

In our corporate life, if we carry an attitude that our colleagues are there to serve our needs then I can assure you it doesn’t take long before we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

In the business world of today teams and roles within teams are often fluid, we have competing priorities, it is sometimes whomever shouts the loudest gets served. Another key element is people often work with people they like, whom they have worked with before, with people that they have enjoyed historical mutual success – as we know, success breeds success.

I recently worked on a business project which was about building and executing a charity event. The event was a success and when I reflect on why it had a lot to do with the core team and their attitude of service. The team was virtual, everyone had a day job which sometimes stretched into the night, there was little hierarchy (..Maybe a little) – but for the most part people we were there to serve, and that is incredibly powerful.

An act of service or an attitude of service doesn’t only need to be for a worthy cause.

What is the context for our everyday corporate life? Well, we can choose whether we want to be served, have an attitude that we deserve due to rank or importance to be served or to reconsider – how can we bring an attitude of service?

How can we serve our peers in our daily engagements?

How can we serve our subordinates? Dare I say, Servant Leadership

How can we serve in our community?

How can we serve our customers or clients?

I have long held (…at least 7 years..) that one of my areas of personal satisfaction is helping companies achieve real business outcomes to issues they are trying to address, I paraphrase this into ‘where business and technology meet’ – for me, this is a form of service.

So, I challenge you to consider – how do you show up? Where can you adopt an attitude of service?

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One comment on “At your service

  1. I found this very interesting – thank you!

    I think service is a worthy ideal and one which we should all carry with us.

    That said, I think if you’re an open, approachable kind of colleague who has a mind frame of wanting to help/serve, this can (unfortunately) leave you open to use and abuse by colleagues.

    For instance, I’ve had issues in my various workplaces over the years of being treated poorly by more senior colleagues because they believe they can. Because of the stultifying, hierarchical nature of some/many corporate environments, having a mindset of “I am completely at your service” can leave you open for being used. For example, here’s one of my tales of woe of working for some pretty average managers who use and abuse: http://fromdesktodawn.com/mediocre-males/

    However, obviously in corpland we are all there to serve, so I’d say a mindset of “service, qualified” is the best way 🙂 I.e. I will serve you, to a reasonable extent.

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