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Ten Thousand Steps


I know I am not original in that my wife and I are trying to change our lives, our eating and exercise habits to be generally fitter and healthier. I am also not original in that I have purchased a fitbit (HR Charge). We are also using an excellent mobile app, MyFitnessPal, to track exercise and eating to try to stay under the defined calories and be motivated.

What is presently interesting to me is a combination of activity wherein I have decided to stop driving to work and catch the train. This has a number of significant benefits including you do a lot more walking, you have a lot of free time to work or read or listen. Your travel time, for the most part, is more consistent. Finally by my calculations I will be saving around $300.00 per month – not bad.

In addition to this radical transport change, is that I have decided to bring my lunch to work each day. Whilst buying my lunch each day is an item to look forward to, if you think about it – the food you eat is full of sugar and fat plus it costs a lot of money. So by bringing my lunch I will eat less, eat healthier and also save around $250.00 per month. I am finding, by using MyFitnessPal, that bringing my lunch is immediately creating a 500 calorie deduction each day.

I am also going to the gym three times a week, Monday – Wednesday – Friday, this is tough as I get up at 5.15am to go but once you are up and moving it’s easy. At the gym I generally do a circuit of weights, this makes me feel stronger and more together – especially when you’re a desk jockey.

Lastly, I am using my lunch break and during appropriate meetings to walk. There are plenty of people who advocate ‘walking & talking’ meetings. There are also psychological benefits to ‘walking & talking’ – particularly with tough topics.

So when I describe all this, it kind of all comes together with this transformational change which I am keen to maintain. I haven’t weighed myself yet, I am not over-weight, but I am really enjoying the combination of activities and how it is all making me feel. One of the interesting curiosities is the fact my fitbit came with a generic goal of completing ten thousand steps a day (circa 5.2 miles), this has become unknowingly a major objective of my day resulting in me walking 7 laps of my house on Wednesday night so I could clip the target and feel the vibration as my fitbit alerted me to achieving my goal.

I encourage you, at this time of year, to consider if you are feeling like creating some change to lead to a fitter or healthier you – that if a guy with a busy job, 3 small children, whilst building a house can do this – then maybe you can too.


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