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You can change the world in a small way

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You can change the world in a small way

I have three small boys, they are all under 6. It is fair to say they are precious to my wife and I. We cherish them. It is fair to say because they are born in the west they are wealthy and privileged. We don’t spoil them, it’s just because they have two parents, they want for nothing, except maybe more lego.

When I was a child, my parents sponsored a boy in Africa. I remember his name as Melisha Beckall, I have no idea if the spelling is correct. We would talk about him sometimes. I understand as he grew he got an education and he got to a point where he no longer needed my parents support.

When I was able, as an adult, I started to sponsor two kids. I asked for two girls in Bangladesh. I figured it’s the poorest nation on earth so choosing two girls would be the poorest of the poorest. I missed out, all the girls were gone. I got instead a boy from Bangladesh and a girl from Chad. That was fine.

That was 15 years ago. I am probably not a good sponsor. I don’t really communicate with them although they do with me. Sometimes the child no longer needs my help so I get someone new. This makes me happy because I figure the child no longer needs my help and now I have someone who does.

I was reading that based upon UN information that over 1 billion children presently live in poverty. UNICEF believes that 22,000 children die per day from poverty. Think about it, that is a town full of children every day.

It is hard to reconcile that my children whom I cherish live in such a different world but I don’t sponsor children out of guilt. I do it because I can. $60.00 per month to change two people’s lives for ever is something that we all can do. I like to think that by changing these two people’s lives they may change the lives of others.

Many people choose to do nothing because of some reason or another. A popular one is “who knows where the money goes? “. I say do your research.

A friend of mine, who is now dead, met a street boy whilst travelling in Africa. He decided to set up a bank account for the child and sponsor him directly. The child finished high school and then went to evening college to study computers.

We can all feel powerless in our modern world. There is so much bad news. You can change the world in a small way, do your research, sponsor a child and see if you can create a small corner of change.

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