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So you’ve been retrenched, what now ?
by Richard Scott

I am very conscious that in writing this I may be hitting a narrow spectrum of people whom have been retrenched and maybe not.

Two women I work with were recently retrenched, one in her twenties and the other in her mid-forties. There is no doubt that the initial reactions are ones of shock, disappointment and concern for the future. There is also sadness about leaving behind friends whom in some case you have known for years.

I have never been retrenched, I know some people who can’t wait for the idea.

These two women are excellent examples of a response to retrenchment. After they got past the initial stage they both saw this as an incredibly positive thing that would give them ‘the shove’ that they needed to step out and gain new experience.

I have offered to assist them both by:

  • Reviewing their CV/resume
  • Reviewing their Linkedin Profile
  • Contacting recruiters that I know
  • Contacting businesses that I know
  • Giving general advice on where they could offer their skills

Whilst I hope I never experience being retrenched, and each person’s situation is different, this does offer you ‘the shove’ that you may need. We need to understand that we have a choice about how we respond – the worst thing or an opportunity?

On the positive side it may mean:

  1. Taking the dream holiday that you have been putting off
  2. Taking on some new education to build out an area you were exploring
  3. Taking a risk in applying for jobs that you really wanted to try
  4. Using your skills and experience in ways you hadn’t conceived

Some things to consider protecting you from loss of income are:

  • Income protection insurance
  • Keep your skills up to date
  • Saving 6 months of living expenses in advance (excellent practice for everyone)
  1. This could be advance payments on your mortgage or a trust account
  2. My father always saved small amounts regularly for things like cars and holidays which meant the money was always there.

If you are feeling flat after being retrenched I hope you feel a little encouraged. I wish the two ladies from my work all the very best. Cheers,

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One comment on “So you’ve been retrenched, what now ?

  1. This has happened to me twice and even thought it may feel like the world is against, it is an opportunity in disguise to grow and maybe launch yourself into your own business! that is what i did and i never looked back 🙂

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