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It’s funny when you approach writing about a subject, you often aren’t sure how it is going to turn out. I was sitting on a plane and I wanted to write about being intentional. What do I mean by that? I meant acting with intent, having a plan, staying focused, being determined, not being set aside, looking for ways to realise the plan.

Why is this interesting to me? Well, I believe that part of my success is about being intentional. I generally always have a plan, even a simple one, and I stay the course.

I guess another word that works is persistence. If you are intentional and persistent with your intent then you should get a result.

I remember I was managing a sales team in 2007 and I assigned one of my competitive reps onto a grocery company whom had 100% of their IT spend with our major competitor. I was very intentional about the fact I wanted my rep, Paul, to build a relationship in order to change the landscape in this account. Fast forward to 2009, I had the left the management role six months earlier and I was advised we completely took over our competitors business, 100%. Yes, I was no longer in the job and wouldn’t benefit from this outcome but I was over the moon with the result and proud of my old team.

Right now I am focusing on more intentional activities like the above, and it excites me. I don’t know what is going to happen. But can I tell you, one of the companies I have been verbalising about to all and sundry – we have just found a chink in the armour plate and we have an opportunity, it’s only small but I am excited – we are on our way.

Now I only need to repeat this 20 times over and my plan will be realised!

My advice to you, be intentional, be persistent. If you are not sure what about – spend time creating a plan, socialise it, get feedback.

If you aren’t intentional, if your aren’t persistent then the likelihood of you achieving your goals is significantly reduced. Good luck and write to me if you would like to discuss. Cheers,

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