Who moved my job? Dealing with ambiguity

Who moved my job? Dealing with ambiguity Ever started at a new company or moved into a new role and there wasn’t a neat ‘How to..guide’ for succeeding? Welcome to ambiguity! Many organisations and roles now exist in constantly changing and highly competitive environments where there is no guide. Ambiguity can be distressing and create […]

Please Sir! May I have some more?

Please Sir! May I have some more?   If you aren’t familiar with Oliver Twist this title may be lost on you but read on. I love it when my team asks me for more work, I have often volunteered for more work myself. At one point during 2016 I held 4 roles for up […]

The impact of storytelling

The impact of storytelling by Richard Scott A movement that is occurring in the corporate world is storytelling. In order to demonstrate value and vision to potential customers the age old approach of showing ‘features & benefits’ by increasingly clever PowerPoint slides in nearly dead. Companies with increasingly similar products are struggling to differentiate themselves. […]

Are you a digital native or digital immigrant?

Are you a digital native or digital immigrant? A digital native are those that are born into the digital culture where as a digital immigrant is someone who comes from the analogue age and must migrate across. The term digital native was coined by education consultant [Prensky] in his 2001 article ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants’, […]

Why you should walk & talk

Why you should walk & talk Have you ever been on a walking meeting? What am I talking about do I hear you say? In essence, it is rather than sitting in a room or discussing in a café – you go for a walk to discuss your topic of choice. Why would you do […]

At your service

At your service There are times in our life where we consciously or subconsciously are looking for who can provide a service to us.  Others may hold the general view that ‘hey, you’re meant to serve me!’. In our corporate life, if we carry an attitude that our colleagues are there to serve our needs then […]

Ten Thousand Steps

Ten Thousand Steps   I know I am not original in that my wife and I are trying to change our lives, our eating and exercise habits to be generally fitter and healthier. I am also not original in that I have purchased a fitbit (HR Charge). We are also using an excellent mobile app, […]

Time Management & Eisenhower

Time Management & Eisenhower by Richard Scott We all struggle with time management and time allocation, we all are keen to optimise time so that we can do more of the work we love or maybe exercise or have social time. What can we learn from a General & President on managing time ? Depending […]